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The Intellistreets mesh network provides your community with current and furture-proof capabilities. 

Intellistreets provides effective ways to maintain and conserve natural and human resources.
  • Up to 70% energy reduction over other common light sources with Intellistreet LEDs.
  • Reduced upkeep and maximized system life with Intellistreets multi-patented lighting and thermal management systems
  • Tailored energy saving with Intellistreets bespoke lighting levels implemented though programming and/or on-demand basis
  • Lowered  maintenance, energy and administration costs with insight gained from Intellistreets data 
Intellistreets offers the only wireless mesh system using bidirectional/multi-media communication between individual luminaires and the web-based user interface.
  • Audio storage and playback capability for mass notification concealed in light poles or light fixtures
  • Egress wayfinding -pre-programmed simultaneous routing via sequenced lights, graphic banners and audio
  • Encrypted control interface provides robust security against hacking and misuse
  • Real time dial-up lighting control and multimedia features with mobile devices
Intellistreets is an integral component to the environmental streetscape, enhancing the pedestrian experience through a wide variety of multimedia options.
  • Dynamic Lighting - Wireless control of color-changing accessory lights facilitates the transformation of an ordinary space for a special event without additional equipment.
  • Intellistreets facilitates the use of audio broadcast from playlists. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface behaves like a familiar MP3 player

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Frequently Ask Questions

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 The recommended spacing to mounting height ratio for audio is 6:1. For example, luminaires mounted at 15’ could be spaced up to 90’ apart. 

 While theoretically possible, the Intellistreets system uses banking level security protocol which is AES 128 bit hardware encryption + 256 bit SSH network encryption.

 While the standard system does not support live address, a standalone public address accessory can be integrated.

 No, live internet/satellite radio streaming is not supported in the standard system. All messages and audio files are pre-recorded and uploaded for playback. 

 Yes. Intellistreets qualifies for certain utility rebates depending on your geographic location.

 Over incumbent technologies, there are savings realized from the highly efficient LED lamp source, the ability to dim the lamp, and miniature on-board amplification of the integrated audio system.

 Yes. Intellistreets has a variety of integrated luminaire designs that can be placed on existing poles. Alternatively a PTM post top module is available to integrate with existing pole/head combinations.

 No. All functions are integrated into the ECM and gateway and all server based applications are hosted in the cloud.

 None. The system can be controlled from most web enabled devices.

Scalable mesh network, lighting control, audio, notification light, smart grid management, district control, 24/7/365 scheduler, built in astronomical and real time clocks.

Many third party sensors are available for integration depending on your location and project need.

 No, the standard Intellistreets system does not include any recording devices. The only time audio may be recorded is when the optional Blue Button feature is purchased and a call for assistance is placed to a First Response phone number. The First Responder may record the communication at their own choosing.

 Yes, Intellistreets works in extreme cold and extreme heat, as well as having survived Hurricane Sandy!

No, however camera systems are an option. Externally mounted cameras, manufactured by numerous third parties can integrate into the client’s Video Management Systems (VMS).

About Intellistreets

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Intellistreets™ is a patented wireless disruptive technology that crosses all traditional boundaries. It is the new heartbeat of outdoor and indoor public spaces. With public and private sectors moving quickly toward outdoor LED light change-outs, fiber and small cell installations, Intellistreets seamlessly adds: IoT Data Network, Sustainability Management, Security, and Entertainment. The Intellistreets wireless common operating platform is a single, low cost, scalable multimedia network. For the first time in a cloud based architecture, cities, campuses and malls are able to collect all forms of data, make decisions, and “talk” directly to pedestrians and motorists – by street, district or area. In the world of Big Data and the IoT, Intellistreets is the cloud based engine necessary “at edge” to leverage the most valuable real estate in the city; the lamp post. With no competitors in the space of wireless bi-directional multimedia, the Intellistreets platform can generate revenue and pay for itself quickly.

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