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Smart means secure asset tracking for the whole operation. eViridis makes that possible.
About eViridis

Innovative Materials Management and Inventory Control Software

Smart Organizations track and evaluate thier operations.  eViridis Materials Manager is designed to reveal and manage the assets that make up the fabric of your company or community. Whether they are manufactured products, assembled parts, disassembled parts or even the raw materials used in the process, eViridis can assist your community in identifying and subsequently managing these assets from beginning to end.


We work with you to define your process.


We measure the effectiveness of your current processes.


We analyze opportunities to improves your processes to create. amore risk free sustainable solution


We work with you to implement improvements to your company's overall Asset Manaement process with the eViridis software.

Core Features & Capabilities​

Product Management

eViridis works with any type of physical product whether its clothing, jewelry, electronics, food, furniture, cosmetics, etc. eViridis allows you to define your product and its attributes. Attributes like size, color, component parts or even the parts used in creating your product could be defined for internal or external use.

  • Capture product specific information
  • Customize attributes and their values
  • Products are given unique Asset IDs for tracking

Inventory Management & Control

Inventory Management can be a challenge because tracking and identification of assets takes time and the tools are not easy to use. eViridis allows companies to manage all types of inventory, Finished Goods that are ready for shipping, raw materials used in creating finished goods or even parts that are extracted from a repair or upgrade process. Inventory is identified by location, tracked as it is moved within the facility and even beyond the facility to vendors or other corporate locations.

  • View all active, inactive, and shipped inventory in the facility
  • See current location within the facility of all active inventory

Audit & Testing

If your product requires evaluation or testing prior to shipping there is a complete Audit and Testing function. The Audit and Testing function allows you to define the protocol, and eViridis will measure and track your progress as you Evaluate, Grade and Test your product. There is also complete transparency so if you are providing this as a service for another business or department, the eViridis portal can make your progress visible to anyone that needs to see it.

  • Indicate evaluation results of the products
  • Create a custom grading scale for the products
  • Use notes fields to track additional product information

Receiving & Shipping

eViridis allows you to track and manage shipments received into your facility and outbound shipments to vendors and customers.

  • Ship product interfacility or to vendors
  • Create invoices, BOLs, and packing lists

Customer & Vendor Portals

eViridis has a “built-in” portal capability that can make available only the data you want your customers and vendors to access.

  • Allow customers to set up equipment pickups
  • Give customer access to reports
  • Let customers track material through the facility

Tracking & Lifecycle Management

Tracking and control is a fundamental capability of eViridis Materials Management. It can track a Process, Product, Raw Material or People in a Workflow required to accomplish the task. It provides a history that can be audited if necessary and can make that history transparent or private depending on user access.

  • Drill down into a load to see product information
  • View tracking information for pallet movement with timestamps and user IDs


Users can manage a central pricing catalogue for all products, or create vendor specific pricing all from a single repository. Pricing is easily customized based on each business need or customer contract requirement

  • Create and management a list of categories for products
  • Give each category a part no. for reporting
  • Update standard, buy, and sell pricing of categories at any time

Customer & Prospect Management

eViridis has strong customer and prospect tracking capabilities. Customer relationships can be established for individual customers or large enterprise customers that span multiple locations and geographies. Both Contact, Billing and Contract terms can be stored as a part of the customer record.

  • Create profiles for customers and all their locations
  • Save address and contact information for all customers
  • Set up revenue shares or custom pricing tables for a customer
  • Keep track of reporting requirements for each customer


Invoicing can be managed within the product lines linked to inventory and purchases, then integrated into Enterprise Financial Systems like SAP and Oracle or small to medium business products like QuickBooks.

  • Use a pricing list managed within eViridis or enter manual pricing
  • Easily track invoices with shipments
  • Store tracking numbers for your own company, the vendor, and financial systems

Sales Management

eViridis has a built in Sales and Prospect management system that allows you to create a prospect list, manage quotes and link those quotes all the way to fulfillment.

  • Add items to a shipping order by pallet, category, or part number
  • Manage shipping orders through the entire process from pending to approved to closed

Reporting & Dashboards

eViridis has many ways to generate ad-hoc and standard reports, as well as integration to several popular third party dashboarding tools like Tableau or Qlik.

  • There is an extensive list of standard reports
  • Reports can be customized for any need
  • Ad hoc reporting allows users to run custom reports based on chosen criteria
  • Exporting data to third party tools allows for an interactive chart view of all data within eViridis

Document Management

Documents and images can be linked to transactions and records throughout the system. Whether its shipping and receiving, compliance or customer documents, eViridis can serve as your single document repository for all your customer and operational documentation.

  • Upload different reports for the customer to view
  • Allow the customer to upload asset lists for a pickup

Software Compatibilities

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Salesforce.com
  • IBM
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Oracle : SAP : IBM : Salesforce.com


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