Smart Solar Panel

As an experienced partner in the solar industry, we know exactly what you need. With the Digital Enterprise solution portfolio, we offer all the controller and drive components necessary for turning good ideas into even better system solutions under one roof – for the entire range of solar production machines and solar trackers.

Intelligent automation uses every ray of sun

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  • Efficient reduces time and costs by up to 30 %

    and fast engineering of the entire automation task in the TIA Portal reduces time and costs by up to 30 %

  • Reach your goals faster

    with the fully programmed and tested function blocks of the free solar tracking toolbox

  • Fast, precise, and reliable

    adjust the tracking axes with ease thanks to proven SINAMICS V20 frequency converters

  • Simplified commissioning and remote diagnostics

    by means of the integrated web server

  • Easy communication

    among all the components of a solar farm thanks to integrated concepts and open interfaces

  • Single-axis and multi-axis tracking control

    of photovoltaic plants and concentrated solar power plants (CSP)

  • Increased energy yield

    through backtracking function

About Perfect solar panels

Solar panels: more efficient; more sustainable

Discover our solution for the entire value chain, from polysilicon production to cutting ingots, manufacturing the cells, and producing the modules. Integrated solutions for power supply, automation, and digitalization enable the flexible, efficient, and sustainable production of solar panels of the highest quality.

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