Electronics Recycling

Technology has a place in the cycle of use, refurbishment and reuse.
About Electronics Recylcing

Smart is Sustainable

The United States generated 6.92 million tons of e-waste (46 pounds per person) in 2019. It recycled only 15% of the material.

Lets turn your waste into economic opportunity

Powerful Reporting

Our team of finance and information technology experts have extensive knowledge of, and insight into, today’s corporate landscape with experience across multiple industries including: Entertainment Media, Healthcare, Technology and Financial Services.

Agile Collections

Recycling your electronic assets should be easy. With eWorks innovative collections, now it is.


  • eWorks e-Carton comes in a varietyof sizes
  • to satisfy all of our customer’s needs
  • eWorks e-Carton holds an entire home office suite of IT equipment.
  • e-Carton includes security tags to ensure transport security


  • eWorks e-Cart is a portable, convenient & secure solution to collect e-waste in logistically challenged locations such as high-rise office buildings in major metropolitan areas.
  • The eCart is also deployed in many  IT departments as a convenient way to dispose of assets throughout the year.
  • This service offers the most secure and efficient e-waste collection service and contributes to “green building” efforts and LEED-EB certifications.

Returns Managment

Reverse logistics can challenge any organization. Let our experienced team remove the uncertainty and keep your operation smooth, no matter how complex the supply chain.

Custom employee buyback marketplace and more

Employee appreciation or revenue opportunity; your assets have untapped worth.

Manufacturer accredited repair and refurbishment


Repair and Upgrade your unneeded assets for maximum return value


Free up valuable space for your operations

B2B & B2C Trade-in Programs

Use our network of active buyers

Data Security

Data is your most valuable asset. Rest assured in our secured physical media destruction and digital data erasure.

Media Sanitization

HDDs and SSDs that will be reused need secured erasure. eWorks uses state of the art media sanitation to wipe your data to the highest standards. Click below to explore our compliance with domestic and international guidelines:

  • US Department of Energy M205.1-2
  • US Department of Defense 5220.22 M
  • US Department of Defense 5220.22 M (ECE)
  • US Army AR380-19
  • US Air Force 5020
  • German VISTR compliant
  • Russian GOST p50739-95 compliant
  • Gutmann compliant
  • Bruce Schneier's algorithm
  • Canadian OPS-II
  • Canadian CSEC ITSG-06
  • British HMG IS5 Baseline
  • British HMG IS5 Enhanced
  • Navso P-5329-26 (RL)
  • Navso P-5329-26 (MFM)
  • NCSC-TG-025
  • NIST 800-88 erase 1 standard
  • NIST 800-88 erase 2 standard
  • NIST 800-88 erase 3 standard
  • Australian ISM-6.2.93
  • Secure Erase ATA low-level command

Shredding Services

For assets in need of physical destruction, eWorks provides full shredding services, both onsite and off.


Rotational/magnetic hard drives require traditional shredding. This process renders the drive into metal shards that are  regarded by NIST 800-88 as “most secure”


Solid State Drives require finer destruction. Our SSD shredding solution was engineered specifically for enterprise drive destruction and produces a final particle size of approximately 2mm squared.

Value Recovery



Whether an asset is collected via our innovative e-Cart or e-Carton, in a traditional pallat-sized pick-up, or dropped-off directly to one of our locations, it remains secure and cared for at every stage.


Second-life Placement

After refurbishment, the newly upgraded asset is matched to its next consumer. Over the years, the eWorks network has established its effectiveness with wholesale clients and our growing direct-to-consumer retail operations.


Expert Evaluations

Each asset is given hands-on evaluation by one of our experienced technicians. The existing configuration is tested, recorded and reported with each item receiving its own unique listing in our reporting system.


Noticeable Upgrades

When deemed viable, the asset is cleaned, repaired and refurbished by our skilled staff. Refurbishment often includes hardware upgrades for elligible systems, maximizing its value for the next stage.

Why you should mange your e-waste

Go green and make the environment clean


Waste Management

Innovative Waste Management

We offer complete waste management services, from collection to auditing, refurbishment, resale and recycling. All tracked and easily reported.
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Community Solutions

Sustainable Community Solutions

Using technology also means replacing and upgrading your hardware. We help business adopt sustainable and practical recycling practices to transform e-waste into financial opportunity.
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Quality Services

Certified Quality Services

e-Waste requires attention to detail. Our processes uses the highest industry certifications in safety and security.
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