Smart Wind Turbine

Smart is more than going with the flow, its riding it.

Innovation Award


Wind energy has always been smart. Now it’s also powerful.

  • Range 396 mi (EPA est.)
  • Top Speed 200 mph*
  • Peak Power 1,020 hp
  • Acceleration 1.99 s 0-60 mph*
  • Supercharging Max 250 kW
  • Weight 2,766 lbs
About America Smart Cities

Going clean and green is our company’s dream

Today millions of dollars are being spent by cities on “smart cities” type initiatives, but few cities around the world have actually grown into truly “smart” cities. Most cities and organizations are still in the early phases of implementing limited smart initiatives and have yet to turn vast troves of data from millions of devices into a real-time view of a city’s activity and operations.

America Smart Cities is a certified minority (ACDBE/BEP/DBE/MBE) company and licensed distributor specializing in “smart city” IoT technology, digital products, electrical components, and commodities.  Our purpose is to help you actualize your “smart” initiatives. Our integrated platform is designed to maximize energy efficiency, ensure safety and security, and evolve the way people, businesses, and cities engage. 

It’s time to think about our planet, go green

Use less, enjoy more. The world is a big beautiful place, let’s keep it that way.